Defend your fortress from incoming enemy hordes with weapons and magic!

  • WASD to move
  • click to shoot
  • right-click to rotate weapons

RECOMMENDED: follow the tutorial first time round, then try pressing the skip button

(NOTE: If you are getting jittering in the web version, try and use "disable particles" in the settings of the main menu!  If that doesn't work, try going a step further by using "less lag mode" in the settings too! Lastly, if all else fails, try the exe version in less lag mode or vice versa!)

Download full source code here:


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defendersmagic-exe (6).zip 27 MB

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The only trouble i've had with this game was that the curve of difficulty went up extremely fast. Then again maybe i'm just bad lol. Very engaging and love the game! ^-^

Had a lot of fun playing this. Loved that the recharge points were spread about and you had to be strategic with fetching them! Good job!


Fun tower defense game! I like how the fuel system makes me move around the map and to force me to be a bit more thoughtful of how much i shoot. the music was also nice and firing felt good :)


Very nice, but it'll be cool if you will add wave system, more levels and even more towers and traps (In my head it looks like "Orcs Must Die" but in 2d.)

Very nice! It does start lagging in the browser when it gets busy. But it looks slick!

Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried using the less lag mode? Also, for some quick data so I can improve the game performance, could you please provide your PC specs?

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Less lag mode works much better so far. I'm on a 2014 iMac with an i7, 32GB RAM, AMD R9 M295X and a 5K resolution. Running the game in Google Chrome.

yikes, I better be adding some performance boosts then! Thanks for the help!